Version 9/28/2018

RCW 64.32.060

Compliance with covenants, bylaws and administrative rules and regulations.

Each Unit (Apartment) owner shall comply strictly with the bylaws and with the administrative rules and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, as either may be lawfully amended from time to time, and with the covenants, conditions and restrictions set forth in the declaration or in the deed to his Unit. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing shall be ground for an action to recover sums due, for damages or injunctive relief, or both, maintainable by the manager or board of directors on behalf of the association of Unit owners or by a particularly aggrieved Unit owner.

[1963 c 156 § 6.]

RCW 64.32.250

Application of chapter, declaration and bylaws.

(1) All Unit owners, tenants of such owners, employees of such owners and tenants, and any other person that may in any manner use the property or any part thereof submitted to the provisions of this chapter, shall be subject to this chapter and to the declaration and bylaws of the association of Unit owners adopted pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(2) All agreements, decisions and determinations made by the association of Unit owners under the provisions of this chapter, the declaration, or the bylaws and in accordance with the voting percentages established in this chapter, the declaration, or the bylaws, shall be deemed to be binding on all Unit owners.

[1963 c 156 § 25.]


Article 11.12 House Rules

The Board or the Association membership is empowered to pass, amend and revoke detailed administrative rules and regulations, or “House Rules”, necessary or convenient from time to time to insure compliance with the general guidelines of this Article and the other provisions of this Declaration

Article 16.1 Enforcement.

Each owner shall comply strictly with the provisions of this Declaration and with the Bylaws and administrative rules and regulations passed hereunder, as the same may be lawfully amended from time to time, and with all decisions adopted pursuant to this Declaration and the Bylaws and administrative rules and regulations. Failure to comply shall be grounds for an action to recover sums due for damages, or injunctive relief, or both, maintainable by the Board acting through its officers on behalf or of the owners, or by the aggrieved owner on his own. Forward

NOTE: The Board adopts the following Rules and Regulations (“Rules”) to help protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Continental Condominiums. The Board intends that the Rules, adopted herein, will help to protect property owner investments, maintain the quality of life in the condominium community, and will help to ensure the quiet enjoyment of resident homes. The Board will enforce the Rules with regard to all owners, tenants, and guests for the common good. Any person who receives a Notification Letter that imposes a monetary penalty may appeal the Violation, in writing, and request a hearing before the Board of Directors. The Board’s decision to affirm or dismiss an appealed Notice shall be final.


These rules rescind, replace, and supersede all rules passed before 9-28-2018 by order of the present Board of Directors. These rules will take effect on 9-28-2018.



(CONDOMINIUMS) recognizes and requires such instruments as a means of governance and protection of owners and residents.

The Association will only act on reported rule violations written on the Official Complaint Form, dated and signed by the witnessing complainant. Reporting violations verbally, by telephone or email will not be sufficient to cause enforcement action by the Association. Complainants may be required to appear at an appeals hearing to respond to questions.

• Residents are strongly encouraged to resolve any complaint issues with their neighbor before filing an Official Complaint Form.

• The Official Complaint Form must be filled out and turned in to the office before any action may be taken.

• The Complaint must contain unit numbers, names dates, times, Rule #, etc., whenever possible.

• The copy is to be maintained in the Board of Directors’ file. This procedure is for the deterrence of repeat violations of Continental Condominiums   Bylaws, Rules, Standards, and other Regulations issued by the Association’s Board of Directors.

• If the violator is a renter, a copy shall be sent to the owner.

Enforcement: Adopted by the Board of Directors 9-28-2018

1.      The first notice of violation will be a warning.

2.      If the identified violation occurs a second time or not brought into compliance within 60 days, a rule enforcement fee of $50 shall be levied against the owner/tenant.

3.      If the identified violation occurs more than two times within 60 days or not in compliance within 90 days, a rule enforcement fee of $100.00 shall be levied against the owner/tenant for each occurrence.

4.      It is recognized by the Board of Directors that some violations may be as grievous as to require immediate action; in such cases, fines or other appropriate action may be taken by the Board of Directors without warning. If the resident of the apartment is a renter and does not pay the fine, the owner of the apartment to which the violation is attached is responsible for the fine assessed. All guests are the responsibility of the resident who invited them.

Late Fees

·         Owing more than $100.00 on a monthly dues payment, shall incur a late fee of $20.00 or 10% annual interest (whichever is larger).

·         Owing less than $100.00 but more than $50.00 on a monthly dues payment, shall incur a late fee of $10.00.

·         Owing less than $50.00 but more than $10.00 on a monthly dues payment shall incur a late fee of $5.00.

·         Owing less than $10.00 shall not incur a late fee.

·         All unpaid fines or special charges against an apartment shall, if not paid in full within 30 days, incur a late fee of ten percent annual interest of the unpaid balance.

·         A lien shall be placed against a unit/apartment once an owner is in arrears $1000.00 or more in the payment of any dues and/or other fees, assessments or fines.

·         Unpaid fines for parking violations may result in vehicle removal (towing) and/or parking privileges within the Association property revoked.

1     Units (Administrative)

1.1          Owners may rent their Units to tenants of their choice in accordance with the Declaration (CC&Rs) and Bylaws.

1.2          It is the Owner’s responsibility to register the name and address of their tenant/Unit occupant (s) with the office, and to provide the office with a copy of the current Lease Agreement.

1.3          All homeowners’ regular monthly dues are due by the first of the month. After a fifteen day grace period, a late charge of $20.00 or 10% annual interest (whichever is greater) will be added to the outstanding balance for each month late. If an owner owes for six months dues or owes the Association $1,000.00 or more in dues, the Association will give the owners account to the Association Attorney for collection. All attorney fees and court fees will be added to the amount owed.

1.4          All Units must be properly covered by personal liability insurance. A current copy or the declarations page must be on file in the Association office.

1.5          The Board will allow one Realtor’s “For Sale” sign in the window a unit for sale. The dimensions of the sign are not to exceed 20 inches by 24 inches. This sign is to be immediately removed upon the seller’s signed acceptance of an offer. No other signage will be permitted in the windows without prior written consent from the Board of Directors.

1.6          Key Cards and Door Keys must be acquired by the owner or renter who is responsible for their return. There is a $20.00 deposit for the keys and cards.

2    Units (General)

2.1          Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM (Clark County Regulations). Common-wall condominium living requires cooperation between neighbors. Residents should first inform their neighbor that a noise is bothersome before submitting a written complaint to the Board. Owners and tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Noise from radios, televisions, musical instruments, amplifiers, washers & dryers, parties, vehicles, etc. must be kept at a reasonable and considerate level at all times.

2.2          Excessive and repetitive offensive smoke, odor or fumes entering an apartment from an adjacent or nearby apartment; or coming from an adjacent or nearby deck, patio, or common area and entering an apartment is prohibited.

2.3          The Units are intended for residential use only. Residents are allowed to work from home only if there is no increased noise or traffic resulting from this business activity.

2.4          Air conditioners will be allowed in the windows of the condominium property during the months of June, July, August and September only. Any wooden boards used in the window will be painted gray to coordinate with the condominiums. Air conditioners must be modern in appearance, in good working order, with no visible damage. They must be removed by September 30 of each year.

2.5          Due to insurance reasons, the use of fire pits (utilizing propane, wood or other fuel) or charcoal grills, using charcoal, within fifteen feet of any Association building is prohibited. Also, it is strongly recommended that a fire extinguisher be kept close at hand when operating any device using an open flame. The use of propane fueled grills for cooking is still permitted on decks.

2.6          Planted trees in the private areas that interfere with the roof or gutter areas may be trimmed by the Association, and the cost will be passed onto the specific Homeowner.

3         Limited Common Areas

3.1             Fencing.

3.1.1        All fence construction must be preapproved by the Board of Directors.

3.1.2        All costs associated with the construction, maintenance, and the removal of fences and extended decks, are to be borne by the Unit owner.

3.1.3        Height limitation = 6 feet.

3.1.4        Width limitation = the width of the limited common area.

3.1.5        Encroachment into the common area will be set according to location.

3.1.6        The style shall harmonize with the buildings and existing fences.

3.1.7        The finish shall be stained or treated to look like fresh wood or painted either light or dark grey to match the complex colors.

3.1.8        The fence shall have an opening or gate for emergency access (a latch would be fine, but no lock).

3.2                Due to the damage to electrical and water supply lines in the past by residents, and due to the shallow burial of Continental Condominiums electrical, water, and sewer lines: all digging in soil of the facility will be done at the risk and responsibility of the owner of the unit doing the digging. The owner is also responsible for cost of repair if his/her resident, guest, or contractor is doing the digging. In any case, any and all damage done to the common area utilities by digging shall be charged to the owner of the unit.

3.3                Cable and dish antenna may not be mounted on the siding or roofing of the complex, including carports, except for those approved by the Board. Dishes must be removable, with no visible holes or damage left on the premises. Any such damage will be the liability of the Unit owner.

3.4                Satellite Dishes or antennas designed to receive or transmit radio signals shall not be mounted, installed or attached in or to the common area without a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

3.5                No objects of any kind will be mounted, fastened, placed, or removed on the roofs of the Association buildings without the written permission of the majority of the Board of Directors. No alterations will be performed to the roofs of the Association buildings without a resolution being approved in a legal meeting of the Board of Directors.

3.6         Balconies or patio/decks .  Only patio type furniture, barbecue's, outdoor plants or such items as typical to an outdoor area shall be kept on the balconies or patios/deck . No items shall impede access by the Fire Department in case of emergency. 

4         Common Areas

4.1                Entry doors are not to be propped open unless attended, with the exception of a Resident wishing to “air out” the hallway, during daylight hours, in pleasant weather only. The Resident opening the door to “air out” the hallway is also responsible for re-securing the door within a timeframe of 2 hours.

4.2                All common areas are to be maintained by the Association and any changes in landscaping must have prior consent of Board of Directors.

4.2.1        Gated and fenced in areas that are behind your unit are common areas, as such, it is your responsibility to maintain and upgrade these areas as requested by the Board; or, said fences and gated areas will be removed so that they can be maintained by the Homeowners Association.

4.3                All littering is prohibited within the Association common areas. (Cigarette butts thrown on the ground is littering.)

4.4                All discharging of fireworks is prohibited on the Association property.

4.5                Climbing over any fence, wall, or gate; or using any method to defeat the intended purpose of the entry gate (preventing it from closing or locking) is prohibited.

4.6                The storage areas located in 306, 311 upper and lower halls, 405, and 409 are common area storage for those buildings. Articles stored shall be properly boxed, tagged for identification and listed on the sheet posted on wall inside storage door and the office file.

4.7                Items, such as wheelbarrows, ladders, & hoses belonging to the CC Association, if borrowed, by Association owners must be signed out in the office.

5         Pool

5.1                All persons using the pool do so at their own risk and must observe all posted rules. Guests must be accompanied by a resident. All persons under 18 must be accompanied at all times by a resident adult who is present inside the fenced pool area.

5.2                All persons must take a cleansing shower in the dressing rooms to completely remove all suntan oils creams and lotions before entering the pool. These items create real problems with the filter and chemical balance of the pool.

5.3                A swimsuit must be worn at all times in the pool. Cutoffs are not swimwear. No one in diapers is allowed to use the pool. Diapers designed for swimming are allowed.

5.4                Neither excessive noise nor rough play is permitted in the pool area. No running or diving off of pool fences, ladders, building or any object set beside the pool.

5.5                No person with an open wound or bandage is allowed to use the pool.

5.6                No gum, food or beverages other than water in the pool area. No glass in the pool area, only unbreakable products.

5.7                No animals will be allowed in the pool or the pool area at any time.

5.8                Smoking cigarettes, pipes or cigars in the pool area is prohibited.

6         Recreation Room

6.1                If a resident desires to entertain a group in the recreation building, a reservation must be filed in the Office. A deposit of $25.00 is required and will be returned if the room is left clean, according to a list furnished at the time a deposit is received.

6.2                Upon leaving the recreation facilities, users shall check to see that lights/fans/air conditioners are turned off and doors secured.

6.3                All persons under 18 in the Recreation Hall must be accompanied at all times by an adult resident. Unattended guests will be asked to leave.

7         Exercise Room Rules

7.1                Persons under eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

7.2                No food or beverages allowed in the fitness area, except water in an unbreakable container.

7.3                No glass in the fitness area.

7.4                Use equipment at your own risk. Management assumes no liability for injuries or accidents that may occur.

8         Open Parking and Roadway

8.1                Each and every Unit is allowed two parking spaces. Covered parking is intended for vehicles. Due to the limited number of parking spaces and the neverending struggle to retain the intended use of visitor parking spaces for visitors, using garages for storage is hereby discouraged by the Board of Directors as this frequently means a vehicle that would have been parked in the garage must be parked in visitor parking.

8.2                Bicycle usage on the common roadway is not allowed by anyone, due to limited visibility by vehicles. With the exception of mobility devices, there is to be no use of tricycles, off-road vehicles, skateboards, roller skates/blades, or scooters on the complex roadways by anyone.

8.3                All residents, including resident owners, renters and roommates, must register their vehicles at the office. Unregistered vehicles are at risk of towing.

8.4                “Visitor Parking” is only to be used by actual visitors on a short term basis. This is defined as no more than 24 hours with in a 7 day period. Residents may park in “Visitors Parking” spots for no more than 1 hour per 7 day period. Long term parking is available outside the condominium gates. If a guest needs longer term parking, such as out of town visitors, the Property Manager can issue an extended guest placard for the window that identifies the vehicle and the unit it is associated with. Extended guest placards are limited to 7 days in a 6 month period. Residents should report overuse to the office via the CCHA Official Complaint Form, found on the hallway bulletin boards.

8.5                There are 9 Parking Spaces just inside the Entry Gate that can be rented on a month-to-month basis for $20 per month. An agreement must be signed in the Association office. Space availability is on a first come, first served basis. The space will become “Reserved” and no one else will be permitted to park there without the Homeowner’s consent.

8.6                The Visitors parking spaces outside (to the West) of the Security Gate may be used by Homeowners with extra vehicles to park, who wish not to pay for a Reserved Parking Space.

8.7                Due to limited parking space, each Unit is restricted to the use of one uncovered parking space.

8.8                Residents are allowed to rent their unused parking spaces to other residents.

8.9                The office must be notified of any change in parking arrangements.  

8.10            All parking must be in designated parking areas only. It is permissible to park temporarily (no more than 15 minutes) in the fire lanes to load or unload.

8.11            Parking areas, including carports are for operable, properly licensed vehicles. Inoperable vehicles will be towed away.

8.12            No trucks larger than pickups shall be parked on any Continental property. Any boats or trailers must be in closed garage spaces.

8.13            Residents and guests shall observe all posted restrictions and drive with care in the parking areas and roadways. Speed limit is 10 mph.

8.14            Residents who find their assigned space occupied may contact the Office to have the offending vehicle towed.

8.15            There shall be no major car repairs or car washing on the premises.

9         Carports and Garages

9.1                The Association garages are not to be used as living space. No person shall occupy, live, or sleep in the Association Garages.

9.2                Parking areas, including carports are for operable, properly licensed vehicles. Inoperable vehicles will be towed away.

9.3                No trucks larger than pickups, no trailers or boats shall be parked on Continental property, unless stored in a closed garage.

9.4                There shall be no major car repairs or car washing on the premises.

9.5                Any storage in carports must be along the back wall or in the rafter space above the carport, and must be contained in boxes, tubs, shelves or cabinets to maintain a tidy appearance. Any storage in carports or garages cannot interfere with its intended use for vehicle parking. The storage of any items in carports or garages is done at the risk and liability of the resident and owner of the unit.


9.6         Garage door installation must be preapproved by the Board of Directors. Owners are responsible for maintenance, repair and painting of garage doors and frames.

10     Contractors, Vendors and Employees

10.1            The Association’s hired Landscape Company is not to do work inside a Homeowner’s private, fenced yard (limited common areas), which includes grass mowing and hedge trimming, with the exception of the tall evergreen Arborvitae hedges (over 6 feet tall) seen throughout the property. Any Homeowner who wants this work done can hire the Landscaper directly, or another Landscaper of their choosing.

10.2            Interference with any contractor, vendor or employee of the CCHA is not allowed. Residents are not allowed to tell them what to do, critique their work, or interfere with the tasks they have been employed to perform.

11     Children and Minors

11.1            In the interest of ensuring a safe and comfortable community for everyone, special attention needs to be made for minors as members of our community.

11.2            Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult when playing in the common areas.

11.3            Children 18 and under must walk their bicycles, skates, scooters and skateboards outside of the gate and are not allowed to use these in or near parking areas.

11.4            Children may use the interior complex pathways (not driveway/parking areas) for tricycles, bikes with training wheels and other small-child ride on toys, with adult supervision.

11.5            Parents will be held responsible for any damages caused by their children.

12     Pets

12.1            Common household pets only are allowed. No dangerous pets allowed.

12.2            All dogs and cats shall be on a leash if outside the Units.

12.3            Pets shall not be allowed to urinate or defecate in the common areas. Fines shall be imposed on Residents allowing pets to relieve themselves anywhere within the complex, and failing to clean up after them.

12.4            Four designated pet areas are available for Residents use.

12.5            No animals shall be raised or bred for business purposes.

12.6            Residents will be held responsible for the behavior of their own or their guests’ pets and any damage they may cause.

12.7            The Board may at any time require the removal of any animal, which it finds is unreasonably disturbing other occupants and may exercise this authority for specific animals even though other animals are permitted to remain. In the event of a dispute about any owner’s right to maintain a household pet, the Board shall have the absolute final judgment of this matter.

12.8            Limit of 2 cats or dogs per unit (1 cat and 1 dog, or 2 dogs, or 2 cats).

12.9            All pets must be registered with the office..

13     Garbage and Recycling

13.1            We are restricted to placing household waste only in our dumpsters; do not put furniture, appliances, sinks, toilets, mattresses, chairs, paint, or tires into the dumpsters. People, observed placing large amounts of debris into the dumpsters not consistent with normal weekly house hold waste, will be charged for the removal, transportation and disposal at the land fill or fined.

13.2            For information about disposing of large items, please contact the office.

13.3            Residents are expected to follow the rules for recycling with Waste Connections. These are the same rules everyone in the in Clark County must follow. For information about recycling please visit

The Board of Directors hereby declares a state of zero tolerance for any and all illegal activities within the Association premises. This includes any and all illegal drug use, sale, or any related activity. All such observed activity will be aggressively reported to the proper authorities.

The Board of Directors strongly encourages any resident of Continental Condominiums to report to the Sheriff’s Department any suspicious activity immediately.

This document is approved by the following Continental Condominium Board Members on  September 28, 2018.

Allen Anderton, President

Patty Sullivan, Secretary

Mark Henifin, Treasurer

Dawn Bliss,  Member-at-Large

Nicolas Gallagher, Member-at-Large