Association Board of Directors

We will protect the owners assets.

We will create a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable environment for our owners and tenants.

We will be financially responsible.

We will strive to increase property values.

We will listen to the membership.

We will enforce the rules.

We will collect assessments.

President, Allen Anderton, 360-721-0757                               elected  term ends 2020
Secretary,  Patty Sullivan, 360-573-7545                               elected  term ends 2018
Board Member,  Pam Cross, 360-909-2075                           elected  term ends 2018
Board Member, Judith Conly, 360-574-4573                          appointed term ends 2018
Treasurer, Mark Henifin, 360-433-7129                                  elected  term ends 2020

Association Property Manager, Shirley Johnson 360-573-3665 (office)

Membership Committees

Building Representatives:

306 Patty Sullivan 306-0  360-573-7545
307 Pam Cross 307-D  360-909-2075
310 Judith & James 310-A  360-574-4573 or 360-213-7714
311 Lower
311 Upper
405 Geri Bliss 405-C 360-574-7974
406 Lee Watson 406-E 360-574-8529
409 Linda Gunderson 409-H 360-574-4777

Swimming Pool:  Chuck Meder 360-852-6184

Landscape: Helga Rogers 360-574-3379

Recreation Hall: Geri Bliss 360-574-7974